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A century

and now

Today we can use tradition andmodern technologies to produce excellent, high quality results.

Tina Kovac

run farm

A farm, even more so if it is family-run, cannot be relocated because it is intrinsically placed in a social and environmental context, in a specific territory and permeated by a specific local culture. The products of the earth feed on intangible ingredients of a certain place, which are not reproducible elsewhere in the same way. For these reasons, the company is the family’s priority, the center of gravity of social micro-regulation. Family work is an inseparable alchemy of “gifts” and “exchanges”.

An oasis of relaxation
Since 1920

The Story

Our story was born in the early 1900s, from a family of farmers who have suffered, believed and fought in the agricultural sector. My father, Marco Kovac, was the youngest. They were pioneers who, with courage and a bit of luck, began to dictate rules and trends that the advent of protected crops has improved, thanks to their position on the market thanks to the first fruits that filled the Italian and foreign markets. This collaboration lasted about forty years. Then, as history teaches, that hidden desire that makes a man a creator of lineage, led us to take different professional paths “.


We believe that agriculture cannot be done today without addressing the problem of preserving the environment for future generations. To do this in each of the company activities, we do everything possible not to waste resources, not to release chemicals in the soil, to promote biodiversity, to support local companies.


Experience, dynamism and research, guiding values of a single great passion: that of a family of farmers and its territory. This is how the commitment and daily work of Castellana, heart and founder of Tina, can be summarized. Thanks to specific skills that are always in tune with each other, she brings knowledge and an indispensable value to the company, to be able to create beers with great personality, quality and relevance. In perfect Istrian style.